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Published 28 февраля 10:22

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Defense Ministry: the sky over St. Petersburg was closed due to the training of the military reaction

28 февраля 2023, 10:22
The Russian Defense Ministry explained why the airspace over St. Petersburg was closed. This was due to the training of the air defense forces of the Western Military District.

The military was faced with the task of identifying the conditional target of the violator, and the fighters on duty were to intercept it, the department explained.

"The air defense forces on duty have worked out issues of detection, interception and identification of the alleged target of the violator, as well as interaction with emergency services and law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency", - the ministry noted.

Recall that the training of the military led to a malfunction of the Pulkovo airport. The airspace over the city was closed. The airport has stopped receiving and sending planes. It was noted that an unknown object was found in the area of the airport. The Carpet plan was announced. Fighters were lifted into the air. At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, the airport returned to work again.