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In Belarus, the exercises of the wide area defense management bodies have started

28 февраля 2023, 09:42
The press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced the holding of exercises of the defense authorities in all regions of the republic. The maneuvers will be held from February 28 to March 3. It is noted that the exercises are planned and are an annual event.

"In accordance with the plan for the training of the Armed Forces in 2023, in the period from February 28 to March 3, the regional and Minsk city executive committees hold annual classes aimed at improving the level of training and coherence of territorial defense management bodies for the formation of territorial troops", - the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus reported.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry clarified that during the exercises, theoretical and practical exercises will be conducted with officials of executive committees and military enlistment offices, as well as administrations of points for receiving mobilization resources. The inventory of material assets and their storage conditions will also be checked.

The press service added that special attention will be paid to the training of military service personnel during the events. As part of the one-day gathering, they will be explained the basics and procedure for the formation of the defense forces.