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Published 28 февраля 2023,, 08:32

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Not an optimal necessity: the country lives "as before", but in conditions of its

Not an optimal necessity: the country lives "as before", but in conditions of its

28 февраля 2023, 08:32
Дмитрий Михайличенко
This construction should be called temporary and shaky, since it strongly depends on its own and its further dynamics, however, it does not cause rejection from both the authorities and society.

Dmitry Mikhailichenko, Doctor of Philosophy

The bar of expectations among the non-politicized majority of Russian society from the Address of the head of state was still there, and, for example, there were also a lot of expectations of mobilization on the principle of "Get up, the country is huge".

However, rather, a course was proclaimed on "we live as before, but in conditions of our own." This is clearly manifested in the fact that the governors have begun to pay more attention to socio-economic issues, the topic of elections is being intensively returned to the agenda (and not their cancellation), and entertainment content is again coming to the top on TV. The megaphones of the cheering patriots were turned down quite thoroughly, and these voices became heard much less than 3-4 months ago.

Are we implementing this course in full? Rather, no, but we will see a drift in this direction in the coming months. This vector corresponds to the mood of society. Society is tired, wants to be left alone and do their personal / family affairs, and not be afraid of new waves of mobilization and worry about the endless increase in food prices. Inflation is almost not promised to be stopped, but peace (relative) in itself is also a super-value for society.

To claim that the agenda of "New People" has prevailed is about the same as saying that the keyboard keys that need to be used to type the phrase "life as before" have "won". The subjectivity of this party is extremely limited (to put it mildly), and the fact that it reflects a certain view that is now accepted (conditionally and stylistically) as mainstream, this is the decision of the curators of internal politics, and not the merit of the party, which has distinct signs of administrative.

And yet, the chosen model is, if not optimal, then it seems to be the most necessary now. It is as if (the key word) insures society from scenarios of the totalitarian reality threatening it and the accompanying extremes. It can be said that it gives people the opportunity to catch their breath and feel at ease again. This is very important: at least for two reasons:

  1. The management system (and this again gives reason to talk about the System, not the Configuration) takes into account public sentiment and requests. This is not always characteristic of her and not at all stages.
  2. The second, more important, is the position of the nomenclature itself, which does not want to militarize, does not want to tremble before the warlords and very much wants to live in the "as before" mode. In my opinion, the victory of this agenda – conditional and temporary – is the triumph of the former nomenclature, which, of course, has already taken on the shield the style of its own and assistance to the mobilized, but prefers to remain unchanged and even closed somewhere from renewal (including personnel).

The current design should be called temporary and shaky, as it strongly depends on its own and its further dynamics. However, from the side of society and the ruling nomenclature, this construction does not cause any rejection, and this makes it be treated as a serious factor. "Life as before, but in the conditions of its own" is not really a reality, but rather a guideline to which the stylistics of the political positioning (but not always the actions) of the authorities will be directed. Of course, "life as before" is impossible, but there is an intention for it here and now.

Especially for the "Kremlin Bezbashennik"