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The Taliban announced the elimination of the commander of the Islamic State**, who led the attacks on diplomatic missions

28 февраля 2023, 07:43
The Afghan authorities, represented by members of the Taliban movement*, announced the liquidation of the commander of the Islamic State branch** (DAESH**) — "Velayat Khorasan"**, who led attacks on mosques and foreign missions in the country.

"Last night, during an operation in the Khairkhan district of Kabul, two members of Daesh** were killed, one of them was an important official of the Khorasan branch of Daesh** — Qari Fateh", - said Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid (quoted by Interfax).

According to him, the liquidated militant commander was responsible for Kunar province, and attacks on diplomatic missions, mosques and other facilities in Kabul were carried out under his direct supervision.

The official representative of the Taliban* added that the leader of the Islamic State** in the Indian subcontinent, Amin Azangar, had also been eliminated earlier. According to his statement, many members of the Islamic State**, including foreign citizens, have been arrested.

* - the movement is included in the register of extremists and terrorists and is banned in the Russian Federation.

** - a terrorist organization, banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.