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FBI: the cause of the coronavirus was a leak in the Wuhan laboratory

1 марта 2023, 04:52
This was stated by the head of the bureau Christopher Ray.

He pointed out that a "possible laboratory incident" caused the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Ray pointed to a leak from a laboratory "controlled by the Chinese authorities". Official Beijing is "doing everything possible" to hinder the efforts of the American government and its partners to establish the true cause of the outbreak of the pandemic.

"It's unfortunate for everyone", - Ray concluded.

The material was published by The Wall Street Journal, referring to FBI data, from which it follows that covid originated in laboratory conditions.

A similar opinion was expressed in the American Ministry of Energy. Experts expressed their belief that, most likely, the virus began to spread due to the fact that an accident occurred in one of the Chinese laboratories.

Virologist Pyotr Chumakov believes that the issue of COVID-19 leakage from the laboratory has become political.