Posted 1 марта 2023,, 12:23

Published 1 марта 2023,, 12:23

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Samara deputy is going to be expelled from the Communist Party because of the noodles on his ears

Samara deputy is going to be expelled from the Communist Party because of the noodles on his ears

1 марта 2023, 12:23
The deputy listened to the Address of the Russian president with noodles on his ears.

The Committee on Regulations of the Samara Provincial Duma considered the case of a local deputy from the Communist Party Mikhail Abdalkin. Earlier in social networks, he posted a video on which he listens to the president's message with noodles on his ears.

The committee considered such behavior of the deputy unacceptable. He was declared a "public censure". The committee considered that the deputy's action causes "damage to the honor and dignity of other persons", the report says.

In addition, the committee proposed to release the deputy from all leadership positions in the party, as well as exclude him from the Communist Party.

At a meeting of the committee, the first deputy chairman of the Samara Duma, Marina Antimonova, asked whose interests the deputy represented during his prank. "Deputies are elected by people or nominated by parties in order to represent the interests of citizens. It is a pity that Mikhail Anatolyevich left the meeting. I wanted to ask him a question: whose interests did he represent when he did it", - she said.

MP Volodymyr Dutsev noted that his colleague after such a performance became a "star" of foreign, Western and Ukrainian media. "This thing is replicated, which, for sure, increases the morale of the Nazis. Isn't this another kind of help to the enemy? I am sure that the Prosecutor's office of the Samara region will look into this issue very carefully and give an exhaustive legal assessment", - he said.

The deputy was called to apologize for his act. The law enforcement agencies were instructed to give a legal assessment of his actions.