Posted 1 марта 2023,, 11:22

Published 1 марта 2023,, 11:22

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The Defense Ministry reported a massive drone attack on Crimea

The Defense Ministry reported a massive drone attack on Crimea

1 марта 2023, 11:22
The Russian military stopped an attempt of a massive drone attack on Crimea, air defense systems shot down six Ukrainian attack drones at once, the Defense Ministry reported.

According to the ministry, four more drones managed to be disabled by means of electronic warfare.

"There are no victims and destruction on earth", - RIA Novosti writes.

In addition to the territory of Crimea, the drone attack was recorded in the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. On the territory of these subjects, air defense systems shot down 15 Ukrainian drones.

Earlier it was reported that on the eve of several drones were found in the Kuban and in Central Russia. The drones were suppressed by electronic warfare units. One of the drones was spotted near the Rosneft oil depot in Tuapse, where a fire occurred.

Another was shot down in the Bryansk region, the third collapsed in the village of Novy in the Giaginsky district of Adygea. The fourth crashed into the window of a residential building in Belgorod, because of the attack, residents had to be evacuated. The fifth drone crashed near the Gazprom station in the Moscow region. According to media reports, an impact drone can lift about 15-20 kilograms. This is 30 F1 grenades or 4 shots from an RPG-7.