Posted 2 марта 2023,, 05:59

Published 2 марта 2023,, 05:59

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A teacher who called a student a "bastard" and a "traitor" was fired

A teacher who called a student a "bastard" and a "traitor" was fired

2 марта 2023, 05:59
In the Sylven school of the Perm Region, a teacher began insulting a child who was late for a performance in a competition dedicated to February 23.

According to the Properm publication, the incident happened at the Sylven school named after Kamensky. A video was distributed on the Network, which shows that teacher Svetlana Fedurina insults a student, saying: "Why do we need a traitor. You're a traitor. Why are you late? You won't study in this class anymore, you don't obey me".

According to Mash, the teacher was fired. It became known that after the incident, Fedurina took a vacation. The director of the school promised that she would no longer work with children in this institution.

The incident happened on February 21.

- Do you know how many of them there are in Ukraine right now? Right here in the temple and wherever you want. You're a traitor. You had to prove yourself in general, get up in a row, all boys, always like that. Do you not understand what day this contest is dedicated to? So it means bastards, if you haven't had this patriotism since childhood, zero," the teacher said.

It should be noted that earlier Fedurina worked as the director of an educational institution. The teacher does not want to answer journalists' questions. When media representatives tried to call her, at first the call was dropped, and then the teacher's phone was no longer available at all.

On the eve it became known that a criminal case was opened in Moscow against the teacher. He dragged the eighth-grader out of the office and hit him several times in the face. The boy's head and eye are injured.