Posted 2 марта 2023,, 10:15

Published 2 марта 2023,, 10:15

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Baza published eyewitness accounts of the attack in the Bryansk region

Baza published eyewitness accounts of the attack in the Bryansk region

2 марта 2023, 10:15
A resident of the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region reported details about the hostage-taking. Also, the details about the attack on the car were told by the children who were in the cabin at that moment. Their stories were published by the Telegram channel Baza.

"Today, around 9 a.m., several dozen people in black uniforms with yellow armbands entered the territory of the region. On the road, the car was taking children to the school bus — saboteurs attacked the car and shot it," a local resident said (quoted by the "Base").

According to her, the driver died on the spot, and the boy in the cabin was injured, after which he helped two girls who were traveling in the car to get out.

The witness claims that the saboteurs seized two houses in Sushany and took many local residents hostage — others managed to hide in the basements. She added that the DRG took a paramedic hostage from the neighboring village of Novy Ropsk when he was returning from a night shift.

In another message, Baza published details of the DRG attack on a car with children in the Bryansk region, referring to the story of schoolchildren.

"According to the children's story, there was a driver and three guys in the car: a boy Fedor from the third grade and two girls, Zlata and Lena. The children were being taken from the village of Brakhlov to Novy Ropsk — a school bus was supposed to pick them up there," the source reports.

During the trip, a group of armed men suddenly attacked the car. As a result of the attack, the driver was killed immediately, and Fedor was wounded in the chest. At the same time, the student helped the girls get out of the car and ordered them to hide in the woods. A little later, the wounded student was able to stop a car passing on the same road, in which the children were taken from the scene of the attack. The student was immediately called an ambulance.

"According to the doctors, a fragment or bullet passed along the rib. The guy has already had an operation, now his life is not in danger," summed up Baza.