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Soyuzmultfilm promised to replace foreign content in three years

Soyuzmultfilm promised to replace foreign content in three years

2 марта 2023, 12:21
Soyuzmultfilm Film Studio may replace foreign animation content for Russian viewers over the next three years.

This was announced by the chairman of the Board of Directors of Soyuzmultfilm, Juliana Slashcheva.

According to her, now the company produces more than 300 episodes of animated series with a total duration of over 2000 minutes per year, not counting full-length animation.

"If we can, and we hope we can, maintain such a volume [of production], then it will be a lot. If the whole industry also increases production, there will be money in the industry for this, then I think that in three years we will be able to replace in hours the amount of content that was taken away," TASS quoted Slashcheva as saying.

She clarified that Soyuzmultfilm had been increasing the production of content for two years in a row, unaware that the products of the American Disney studio would be inaccessible to the Russian viewer.

One of the areas of work will be remakes of classic Soviet cartoons, such as the story about Cheburashka.

As Forbes notes, Disney films have become unavailable for Russian distribution. The producers called it a response to the "tragic humanitarian crisis" in Ukraine. As soon as the previous licenses expired, many Western cartoons became unavailable for viewing in Russian online cinemas.