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Published 2 марта 2023,, 16:18

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The identity of the saboteurs who committed the attack in the Bryansk region became known

The identity of the saboteurs who committed the attack in the Bryansk region became known

2 марта 2023, 16:18
Earlier, a video posted by saboteurs who entered the Bryansk region today, March 2, appeared on the Network.

Two men in uniform with yellow armbands on their hands and feet stand against the background of a rural administrative building and hold the flag of the organization "Russian Volunteer Corps".

"We came here to free you", - the people in the video said.

During the recording of the video, the sounds of gunshots were heard.

According to the tg-channel Baza, he reported on the identities of the attackers. One of them is Oswald Lemoch from the Yaroslavl region. In January, RDK's social media account dedicated a post to him. It follows from the publication that Oswald adheres to right-wing views, worked in the security sector in the past and lived in Moscow until 2018, then moved to Ukraine.

Another one - Kirill Kanakhin - is known as Kirill of Rhodes. He lived in Moscow, worked as an actor, taught Hatha yoga and ran a YouTube channel about it. According to the story published on the social network, because of the "events on Manezhnaya Square, he plunged into the right movement," became a traditionalist and became interested in paganism, and after the Maidan left for Ukraine. Kanakhin said that he adhered to Nazi ideas, but abandoned them and now considers himself a right-wing anarchist.

Another person from the video is Denis Kapustin. He, writes tg-channel, is a neo-Nazi and the founder of the White Rex brand. A few years ago, the German Speigel* wrote about him. According to journalists, Kapustin moved from Moscow to Germany with his family "as a Jewish contingent of refugees" and received a permanent residence permit. Then he returned to Russia, attracted the attention of the security forces, moved to Ukraine, and then participated in the creation of the Russian Volunteer Corps, which became part of the International Legion and is fighting on the side of the AFU.

Earlier it became known that a large sabotage group of up to 50 people penetrated the territory of the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region. In the village of Lyubechan, attackers fired at a car. As a result of the attack, one adult was killed and a ten-year-old child was injured. In the neighboring village of Sushany, a residential building caught fire from a shell dropped from a Ukrainian drone.

*foreign agent