Posted 3 марта 2023,, 14:31

Published 3 марта 2023,, 14:31

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Updated 3 марта 2023,, 14:54

Fall to! It became cheaper... Moscow new buildings discount prices

Fall to! It became cheaper... Moscow new buildings discount prices

3 марта 2023, 14:31
You can buy a new apartment in the capital of Russia with a discount of even 30%, but you should be careful.

Ivan Zubov

During the month, the number of apartments and apartments in new buildings in Moscow, exposed at a discount, increased by almost 10%.

Discounts are given for a total of 22,870 apartments, which is 44.8% of the total volume of the offer, the experts of the service calculated

Last year, these figures were 3 times more modest. On average, developers try to discount no more than 10%. But sometimes you have to concede about 30%. This is especially true for initially overvalued projects.

Of course, this is caused by a 43% drop in demand year-on-year. And there are no prerequisites for increasing the activity of buyers. And escrow needs to be replenished with something, otherwise the project financing rates will increase.

However, analysts of the channel "Real Estate" warn, many companies are going to marketing tricks and since the beginning of the year have increased prices by 4-6% in order to give them supposedly huge discounts, but in fact make them much more modest.