Posted 3 марта 2023,, 09:50

Published 3 марта 2023,, 09:50

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Irkutsk officials flew to the DPR after complaints of the mobilized

Irkutsk officials flew to the DPR after complaints of the mobilized

3 марта 2023, 09:50
Representatives of the government of the Irkutsk region flew to the DPR to "establish interaction with the regiment on the spot", which is based there.

This was stated in social networks by the governor of the region Igor Kobzev. He did not specify what is meant by "setting up interaction". It is reported only that the main purpose of the trip is the delivery of humanitarian aid to the mobilized. It is being driven by representatives of the government of the Irkutsk region and veterans of the wars in Chechnya and Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the trip of officials to the DPR was organized after the mobilized from this region repeatedly voiced complaints about sending them to the assault without preparation.

Videos with complaints of Irkutsk mobilized appeared at the beginning of last month, and then — on February 25. The records indicate that the mobilized from Irkutsk region, belonging to the regiment 1439, received an order to storm the Avdeyevsky fortified area "without any support, artillery, communications, sappers, intelligence". They complained that they were called "expendable" in the brigade. After the complaints appeared, the governor of the region, Igor Kobzev, promised to transfer the mobilized to another place of service. But on March 1, the mobilized again complained that they were again sent to storm the Avdiivka fortified area.

Earlier, the authorities of Tuva responded to the complaints of the mobilized, recorded in the national language, posted on the Internet, who also decided to check the observance of the rights of residents of the region sent to the zone of a special military operation. After checking the complaints received, the mobilized Tuvinians decided to transfer to another military unit.