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Military enlistment offices will issue certificates of a combat veteran

3 марта 2023, 13:03
The decree on this occasion was signed by President Vladimir Putin.
Russian Army

As noted in the presidential decree, military enlistment offices will consider applications for the issuance of such certificates, as well as directly issue them.

The decree was signed on March 3. It has entered into force.

In order to obtain a certificate of a combat veteran, military personnel previously had to apply to the commission under the Ministry of Defense. Employees of paramilitary agencies, for example, Rosgvardiya, had to contact the organization in which they served.

Earlier it was noted that the volunteers involved in the special operation will be able to receive the status of a combat veteran. A similar status was also proposed to endow the militias who participated in the fighting in the Donbass since 2014. The bill on this issue is currently under consideration in the State Duma.