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TASS: a drone is called a possible cause of the explosion in Kolomna

3 марта 2023, 04:27
The incident happened the day before, on March 2.
Moscow region

On Thursday evening, an explosion occurred in Kolomna near Moscow, writes tg-channel Baza. Its sound was heard by residents of almost all districts of the city. Details of the incident were not given.

Rescuers and law enforcement officers moved to the scene of the incident, an hour later the search area was expanded to Voskresensk, but the source of the sound was not found. The search was stopped until Friday morning.

According to TASS, we may be talking about an unmanned aerial vehicle. This was reported to the agency by a source in law enforcement agencies.

"The explosion occurred in the air. With a high probability, we are talking about a drone. But it's impossible to say for sure yet, because they can't find the wreckage", - the interlocutor pointed out.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Energy of the Moscow Region clarified that gas and electricity supply in the Kolomna city district are operating normally. Experts have not identified violations at the facilities of energy and gas infrastructure.