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21-year-old football player from Ivory Coast died during the match

6 марта 2023, 15:59
The athletes pointed to insufficient control over the health of the players.

The defender of the Racing Abidjan club, Sylla Mustafa, died at the age of 21 after his heart stopped during a match of the Ivorian championship, the press service of the Ivorian Football Federation reported.

He lost consciousness during a game with the Sol club on March 5. The athlete died on the way to a medical facility.

It is clarified that Mustafa began playing for the Abidjan team in September 2022.

Former national football team player Didier Drogba admitted that there is insufficient control over the health of athletes in the national championship. He recalled that Mustafa's death is the third in the professional league in less than four years.

"When will medical examinations be mandatory for every "professional" player — blood tests, ECG, load testing?", - the football player asked himself.