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A resident of Transbaikalia set a fire in a field on an area of 300 hectares

6 марта 2023, 12:02
Now he faces a large fine.

A resident of the Trans-Baikal Territory born in 2001 became the culprit of a steppe fire on an area of 300 hectares. According to him, he came to the field to drink alcohol.

"I lit a fire, but because of the strong wind, the fire quickly spread to the grass. The Zabaikalian made an unsuccessful attempt to extinguish the fire, and then simply left the scene", - the regional government said.

It should be noted that there is a special fire protection regime in the region. Violators face up to 20 thousand rubles in fines. If the culprit is an entrepreneur, the fine will increase to 80 thousand rubles, and the legal entity will pay up to 800 thousand rubles.