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Box office receipts of Russian films abroad have fallen to a minimum in five years

6 марта 2023, 11:55
According to the Bulletin of the Film Distributor, in 2022 Russian films were able to collect $ 17.1 million abroad, which is the lowest figure for the last five years. This is almost three times lower than the domestic paintings collected in the pre-pandemic 2019 (52.5 million dollars).

"In general, domestic content, despite the reduction in the number of markets fully open to it, almost managed to repeat the figures of 2021, when its box office reached $ 18.2 million", - the Film Distributor's Bulletin reported.

It is noted that 62 full-length films were released abroad, which almost corresponds to the level of 2021 (63 full-length films). At the same time, the share of foreign fees relative to the box office of Russian cinema in the Russian Federation amounted to 9.5% against 13.1% a year earlier.

According to the "Bulletin of the film distributor", the first four Russian films at the box office abroad consists of animated films, and the most successful of them was the cartoon "The Big Journey. Special Delivery", which raised $ 2.6 million.