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Published 6 марта 2023,, 08:45

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But Chekhov is resting...Bookstores already sell novels written by a neural network

But Chekhov is resting...Bookstores already sell novels written by a neural network

6 марта 2023, 08:45
It is enough for a modern writer to ask the neural network the topic of the future masterpiece, and then edit what he wrote and send it to the publisher.

Novye Izvestia has already reported on the "creative exploits" of the ChatGPT neural network, and in particular about how the editorial board of the famous science fiction magazine Clarkesworld was forced to close the reception of stories for publication, because it was inundated with texts written by this chatbot. Recall that a neural network is a computer program that is "taught" to function according to the principle of the human brain. And already today neural networks help people in almost all spheres: with their help, doctors make diagnoses, writers write texts, many Western media already instruct neural networks to write messages instead of news editors, moreover, they have already invaded the intimate sphere - creating quite realistic nuances (that is, pornographic images).

Another success of neural networks is evidenced by this photo from a bookstore in Dubai, which was posted on his blog by network analyst Alexey Krol with a note made specifically for Russian publishers: "While you are sleeping peacefully, everything has already been created and published. These books are written like a neural network. In reality, a person sets the direction, a neural network creates a text, which is then edited and compiled..."

As the commentators note, the fact that the authors were scurrying around quickly is not surprising, it is surprising with what speed publishers operate, which usually review manuscripts for months.

However, among the reviews on this news were the following

- It is convenient to know the origin of the text so as not to waste time reading garbage.- I hope that this hype wave will subside in a month, the reader has not yet degraded to such an extent.

Artificial intelligence has been composing music for decades, but no one is going to go to concerts of such music...