Posted 6 марта 2023,, 04:48

Published 6 марта 2023,, 04:48

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Updated 6 марта 2023,, 08:18

Flower shops stop working en masse

Flower shops stop working en masse

6 марта 2023, 04:48
Every sixth flower outlet has stopped working in three years.

The number of flower shops in Russia decreased by 17.9%, over four thousand outlets in Russia ceased operations within three years. As RIA Novosti writes, referring to the service "Contour.Focus", in January 2020, 24,546 companies were engaged in the flower business, and in March 2023 - 20,153. During the "first lockdown", the most rapid closure of shops selling fresh flowers was noted: a year after the start of the covid pandemic in the country, the number of such shops decreased by three thousand. At the same time, the peak was marked in December 2020, when 1,407 organizations left the industry. At the same time, 471 points were closed last year.

As experts pointed out, flower shops could not work during the period of covid restrictions. Offline trading suffered first of all. Now there is a slight increase - the number of open flower outlets has grown from 19,979 to 20,153. Traditionally, many companies open just before International Women's Day.