Posted 6 марта 2023,, 11:09

Published 6 марта 2023,, 11:09

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In Russia, the website of the publication "Mediazona. Belarus"

In Russia, the website of the publication "Mediazona. Belarus"

6 марта 2023, 11:09
Since March 5, the "Mediazona. Belarus" website has been blocked in Russia. Earlier, the Ministry of Justice entered "Mediazona"* in the register of "media-foreign agents".

As Kommersant reports with reference to the statement of the editorial office of the publication in the Telegram network, the decision to block was made by an "unspecified state agency" on January 26.

The reasons for the termination of access to the site are not reported.

Earlier it was reported that in 2022, after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine in Amendments have been made to the Criminal Code of Russia, providing for the appearance of new elements of crimes for the dissemination of false information about the actions of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The maximum penalty for "fakes" about the army is up to 15 years in prison.

After the adjustment of the legislation, access to a variety of popular media was closed for the Russian audience. The authorities entered into the register of foreign agents and blocked the Dozhd TV channel*, Deutsche Welle* canceled the license of Novaya Gazeta, disconnected the Echo of Moscow radio station from the air, recognized Medusa as a foreign agent and an undesirable organization*, banned the BBC broadcasting, blocked The Village magazine, Voice of America*, Radio Freedom"*, "TV-2" and a number of other publications.

*Entered by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign agents.