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In Vologda, two streets will be renamed in honor of the heroes of the Special military operation

6 марта 2023, 07:25
Two streets in Vologda will be renamed in honor of the commander of the Sparta battalion Vladimir Zhogi and volunteer sergeant from the Vologda region Igor Smirnov (call sign "Buba") who died during the special operation.

This was announced by the Mayor of Vologda Sergey Voropanov in his Telegram.

As the mayor of the city noted, the street in honor of Vladimir Zhoga will be named in the viaduct area, and in honor of Igor Smirnov — in the Molodezhnaya area.

Vladimir Zhoga died on March 5, 2022 in Volnovakha, when he participated in the withdrawal of civilians from this city and the city of Mariupol to a safe territory. He joined the militia back in 2014. In 2016, he became a battalion commander. In March last year , he was awarded the title Hero of Russia posthumously in March 2022.

Igor Smirnov died last autumn near Raisins. He was originally from the Vologda region. After being wounded, he continued to lead the fight. At a critical moment, he ordered to withdraw, remaining on the front line, the mayor of the city wrote. Earlier, he was also posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

"The exploits of heroes should live in our memory. Therefore, monuments are being created and streets are named in honor of these selfless people", - the mayor wrote.