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Published 6 марта 2023,, 08:42

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Lapsus on lapsus! Professionals criticize the series "Fisher"

Lapsus on lapsus! Professionals criticize the series "Fisher"

6 марта 2023, 08:42
Former investigators do not rule out the high artistic merits of the new Russian series, but recognize the documentary unreliability of its script.

Ivan Zubov

The premiere of the Russian TV series "Fisher" (directed by Sergey Taramayev and Lyubov Lvova), the plot of which is based on real events that took place in the Moscow region from 1986 to 1992, is being actively discussed on social networks.

It was then that Soviet and then Russian law enforcement officers investigated the crimes committed by serial killer Sergey Golovkin, nicknamed "Fisher".

In a press release for this series, it is reported that its screenwriters Sergey Kalvarsky and Natalia Kapustina studied archival materials for a year and communicated with investigators in the case of Sergei Golovkin.

However, either they did not study the archives well enough, or they did not listen carefully enough to the investigators, or the directors radically interfered with the script during the filming, but this series caused the most serious critical responses from professionals.

These sushi may be delicious, but it's not sushi

For example, a well-known Moscow lawyer, and in the past investigator Alexey Fedyarov writes:


"Sports commentator Vasily Utkin said that once the Japanese football player Keisuke Honda, who was playing in CSKA at the time, was asked by journalists if he liked sushi in Moscow restaurants.

"Yes, I really like it, but it's not sushi," the polite Mr. Honda replied.

I mean, I watched half an hour of the movie "Fisher" about the investigation of serial murders and the capture of a maniac.

It's a good movie, but it's not about investigating serial murders and catching a maniac. Shoot as you want, it's just not about the investigation. In the credits, warn: the hack in the film is only for the sake of rating. But not really. Just a hack job.

I admit that fans and creators of the masterpiece will come to the comments, they may ask to list the absurdities. I would think three times in their place. So I'm just silent, it's better for everyone..."

First of all, they didn't bring gunpowder for the guns...

And the former investigator and journalist Sergey Zolovkin was even more specific:

"Zolovkin S.A. watched a movie about Golovkin S.A.

What forced Sergey Alekseevich to turn off about Sergey Alexandrovich, nicknamed "Fisher" already on the first series? Yes, what makes almost all professionals do this. Who have given more than one year to the investigation and investigation. Just at the time shown on the screen. At the sunset of the USSR.

A blunder on a blunder, alas! I have never met such employees of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are not alive. Cardboard. Flat. But with a claim to the glamour of the new century. Like the heroines of WWII, who dived into the trenches right after the spa.

"On the field" in our time did not work like that, I'm sorry for the old man's grumbling. Each bunch had to be fixed in the prescribed form. Before copying a footprint in plaster at the scene, you will fill out a dozen protocols with witnesses. Without a piece of paper, any evidence is a turd!

And here the grandson of the great Oleg Yankovsky, who plays the Rostov investigator on particularly important matters, (how deliciously and strained he turns out to be "sho"!), without letting a cigarette out of his teeth, without pulling his hands out of his pockets, ran through the place of the brutal murder of the kid, once again cheated on the Moscow sled and rushed off without any documenting the release of the suspect, the victim's father.

I understand everything, if you show the routine of the preliminary investigation in the cinema with continuous slotting on a typewriter and piles of papers, the viewer will fall asleep. Or he'll faint. As your humble servant did on the third day of sleepless plowing. And our expert caught that moment: another moment and I, who had not eaten since the morning, would pass out on the logging of the 29th victim from the intercity bus. Caught in a serious accident with a dozen dead.

There are two dozen witnesses in the corridor, everyone is in a hurry, everyone wants to continue their journey as soon as possible.

And what is a full-fledged victim of an illegal action for the court? You type a detailed protocol of the interrogation. You type a referral for examination. To determine the severity of the damage. You print a resolution on the recognition of the victim with an explanation of all his rights. You make a decision in case of refusal to familiarize yourself with the case...

Our cinematic provincial with a "secret" holster under his arm (I've never seen a prosecutor's with a barrel!), in the very first minutes of acquaintance, almost swore at the Moscow sledachka, and instead of the required typographic forms uses a notebook. Like a Hollywood private investigator. And where will he go with such a leaflet then?

Probably, in addition to blunders, the series "Fisher" has its own strengths. The creative team tried. But, it seems, she became like that general who tried to explain in great detail to Bonaparte the reason for the defeat of his army.

- There were many reasons for that, Sire. Firstly, they did not bring gunpowder for the guns...

- That's enough! Everything else is already superfluous!"