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The government's reserve fund was increased by 154.5 billion rubles in 2023

6 марта 2023, 10:10
The government's reserve fund has been increased by 154.5 billion rubles. The corresponding order was signed by the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin.

According to the text of the document published on the official Internet portal of legal information, the government instructed the Ministry of Finance to increase the reserve fund at the expense of the remaining federal budget funds that were not used in 2022, including 3.7 billion rubles provided for targeted subsidies, subventions and other inter-budget transfers to the regions.

The reserve Fund of the Government is used to cover unforeseen expenses and events of federal significance that are not provided for in the Federal Budget law. In 2023, the budget of the Russian Federation includes expenditures at the level of 29.056 trillion rubles with revenues of 26.13 trillion rubles.