Posted 6 марта 2023,, 12:25

Published 6 марта 2023,, 12:25

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The Ministry of Defense has changed its mind to sue the Ilyushin Aviation Complex

The Ministry of Defense has changed its mind to sue the Ilyushin Aviation Complex

6 марта 2023, 12:25
The Arbitration Court of Moscow has terminated proceedings on the claim of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation against PJSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex in the amount of almost half a billion rubles.

According to Kommersant, with reference to the data of the resolution published on the court's website, the proceedings in the case were terminated due to the plaintiff's refusal of the stated claims.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense intended to recover 422 million 730 thousand rubles from the S.V. Ilyushin Aviation Complex, which is part of the United Aircraft Company (Rostec UAC).

The lawsuit was filed in December 2022. Before that, the Ministry of Defense had already tried to recover 10.7 billion rubles from the United Aircraft Company, but the Moscow Arbitration Court rejected this claim.

Earlier it was reported that on the eve of the new year, the UAC handed over to the Ministry of Defense a batch of fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft and a batch of Su-35S multifunctional fighters. According to the UAC, the Su-35S generation 4++ fighters underwent the necessary flight and ground tests in various modes, after which the aircraft flew from the KNAAZ airfield to the places of further service.

In February, it became known that Rostec signed contracts for the production of 71 passenger aircraft: Tu-214, MS-21 and SSJ New. 63 airliners are planned to be delivered to Aeroflot by the end of 2025. Eight more SSJ New aircraft are going to be manufactured and delivered to Aurora Airlines by 2026.