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Published 6 марта 13:35

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The Prosecutor General's Office recognized the undesirable Transparency International*

6 марта 2023, 13:35
The department believes that an international organization is interfering in Russia's affairs. Its activities "threaten the foundations of the constitutional order and security" of the country.

Earlier, the Russian division of this organization was included in the register of foreign agents. The headquarters of this organization is located in Berlin.

The Prosecutor General's Office noted that the activities of this organization go beyond the goals and objectives of the organization. Formally, the purpose of this organization is to fight corruption. In fact, Tsansparency International* made attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

It is noted that the data on this organization was transferred to the Ministry of Justice so that the agency included it in the register of undesirable.

Recall that the organization was founded in 1993. Its founder is the former director of the World Bank, Peter Aigen. The organization's branches are represented in about 100 countries around the world. The Russian division was founded in 1999. On the organization's website, it is proposed to report the facts of corruption that have become known to users. The description notes that the organization seeks to "expose corruption wherever it is found, regardless of the faces".

* — the Russian division of this organization is included in the register of foreign agents.