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United Russia party members will congratulate Russian women on March 8, taking into account the context of SMO

United Russia party members will congratulate Russian women on March 8, taking into account the context of SMO

6 марта 2023, 05:50
The party recommended deputies to congratulate women whose husbands and sons participate in the special operation on March 8.

For the first time, United Russia was given a form for a report on the implementation of the party program on the ground. Parliamentarians had a lot of questions for him.

Every week, State Duma deputies from United Russia receive recommendations on topics for work in the regions. This regional week - until March 12 - the task is defined as "to report to people", Kommersant reports.

It is indicated that on the occasion of International Women's Day, party members intend mainly to congratulate wives and mothers whose husbands and sons are defending the interests of the country on the front line today, as well as women who personally participate in solving the tasks of the special operation. The recommendations state that such theses are for festive performances: this is "a holiday that, due to the desire of the countries of the "progressive West" to get away from gender identity in society and the family, acquires a new meaning for Russians"; "The Great Patriotic War, when virtually the entire economy of a huge country turned out to be on the shoulders of women, clearly showed what Russian women are capable of".

The party is waiting for reports from United Russia on meetings with young people, as well as posts in social networks about the start of the pre-voting procedure in the party, according to the results of which candidates for elections of different levels are selected. Citizens should hear from parliamentarians about the implementation of the party's "people's program" and publish posts about it on social networks. This time, the United Russia was also given a "report of the deputy on the progress of the implementation of the people's program", on the basis of which it is recommended to inform citizens about its results. The document requires entering data on how many kindergartens and schools, sports and cultural facilities were built in the deputy's region last year, what kind of assistance his subject provides to new territories, etc.

It's worth reminding that before the New Year holidays, the government recommended that the regional authorities exercise restraint in spending, support patriotic musicians and mention the heroism of the defenders of the fatherland. An element of the New Year's events were to be children's Christmas trees, during which mention of military personnel and the opportunity to send them congratulations on behalf of the child should be provided.