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In the Czech Republic, a horse belonging to Ramzan Kadyrov was stolen from a stable

7 марта 2023, 14:44
Czech police are investigating the theft of a thoroughbred breeding horse of the English breed, which was stolen from a stable in Krabchice. This was reported by the representative of the department Pavel Kofrova. According to media reports, we are talking about a 16-year-old stallion belonging to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

"The police are now intensively searching for the person responsible for the theft and the stolen horse", - said Kofrova, whose words are presented on the website of the Czech police.

She clarified that the value of the stolen horse is estimated at almost 400 thousand crowns — about 19 thousand dollars. According to law enforcement, the theft was committed on the night of March 3 to 4 — the thief removed a chain with a carbine from the sliding door and took the horse away.

According to Czech media, we are talking about a stallion named Zazu, as indicated by the caption to the published photos on the police website. The head of Chechnya bought a horse in 2012.

"The 16-year-old horse Zazu was included in the property of Ramzan Kadyrov, frozen in the Czech Republic after sanctions were imposed against him in 2014", - RBC notes.

As the portal notes , Zazu took part in 36 races and brought in more than 1.2 million euros.