Posted 7 марта 2023,, 12:48

Published 7 марта 2023,, 12:48

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Lukashenko called the president of Ukraine a "nit" for the attempted sabotage in Machulishchi

Lukashenko called the president of Ukraine a "nit" for the attempted sabotage in Machulishchi

7 марта 2023, 12:48
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (pictured) said that the attempt of sabotage against the Russian A-50 military aircraft at the Machulishchi airfield is a challenge for Minsk. He blamed the SBU for the incident and called the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky a nit.

"I once thought that Ukraine needed peace, that Zelensky was rooting for his people. President Zelensky is just a nit. Just a nit! Such operations are not carried out without the consent of the head of the country and the commander-in-chief. I'm telling you this as president", - Lukashenko stressed (quoted by BelTA).

According to the Belarusian leader, earlier Kiev offered Minsk to conclude a non-aggression pact. Now, in his opinion, the Ukrainian leadership is challenging Belarus.

"You have heard all my statements. And at this time… Well, the challenge has been thrown", - the head of Belarus said.

He added that by such actions they want to drag his country into military actions on the instructions of foreign states.

"If you think that by challenging us, you will drag us into a war tomorrow, which is already going on all over Europe today, you are mistaken", - Lukashenko stressed.

Earlier today, at a speech on the occasion of the presentation of state awards and shoulder straps to senior officers, the Belarusian leader announced the detention of those involved in the attempted sabotage at the airfield in Machulishchi. He noted that the perpetrator of the operation was recruited by the SBU, tried to escape, but was detained along with accomplices. The head of state did not disclose their identities, limiting himself to vague formulations.