Posted 7 марта 2023,, 07:59

Published 7 марта 2023,, 07:59

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Sevastopol denied reports of an explosion at the Belbek airfield

Sevastopol denied reports of an explosion at the Belbek airfield

7 марта 2023, 07:59
The governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, said that reports of an explosion in the area of the Belbek airfield are not true.

According to RBC, with reference to the official's statement, messages distributed in public social networks about the alleged explosions near the Belbek airfield in Sevastopol is a fiction.

"In the public again they write about some kind of explosion in the area of the airfield. That's a lie. Ship crews are being trained on the outer raid", - the governor wrote, assuring that there are no attacks in the city, everything is calm.

Earlier it was reported that in early March, drone attacks were recorded on the territory of Crimea and a number of regions of Central Russia.

So, on March 1, on the territory of a military unit in Two UAVs crashed in Crimea. One of the drones exploded and smashed the windows in the office premises. Then it became known about the prevention of a drone attack by the forces of the Ministry of Defense. To destroy drones, the military resorted to electronic warfare. At the same time, people on the ground were not injured.