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The brazen provocations of the United States cannot be endlessly tolerated, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin warned

The brazen provocations of the United States cannot be endlessly tolerated, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin warned

7 марта 2023, 13:37
Despite Western criticism of Beijing for supporting Moscow, China does not intend to change its position and condemn Russia's actions in Ukraine. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang told reporters on Tuesday.

According to the Al Jazeera TV channel, during the break of the annual parliamentary session, in an interview with representatives of the world media, Qin once again refused to call Russia an aggressor in the Ukrainian conflict and accused the United States of intimidating other countries with unilateral sanctions.

China will continue to develop its relations with Russia as the world becomes more and more turbulent, the minister said. According to him, the ties between Beijing and Moscow "serve as an example for global international relations".

"With China and Russia working hand in hand, the world has a driving force. The more unstable the planet becomes, the more important it is for the two great powers to steadily develop their relations", - Qin said.

In recent months, the diplomat stressed, the United States has been suppressing and deterring China, not fair competition, and such a provocation to the Chinese people "cannot be endlessly tolerated."

In addition, Beijing believes that the United States continues to talk about a world order based on certain rules, but does not follow these rules themselves. It's like athletes competing in a race, where one side, instead of focusing on achieving honest sporting results, tries to push the opponent.

"If the United States does not hit the brakes and continues to race on the wrong track, no barriers will be able to prevent a derailment. Conflicts and confrontation will begin, and the parties will suffer catastrophic consequences", - Qin Gang said.

"We strongly oppose any form of hegemonism and power politics. We are against the mentality of the Cold War, camp confrontation and actions to restrain the development of other countries. We will protect China's sovereignty, security and development interests", - Qin told reporters.

The Chinese minister did not give an unambiguous answer when journalists asked him whether President Xi would visit Moscow after the end of the session of the Chinese parliament.

Answering the question whether it is possible that China and Russia will abandon the US dollar and euro for bilateral trade, Qin said that countries should use any currency that is efficient, safe and trustworthy.

"Currencies should not be a trump card for unilateral sanctions, much less a disguise for intimidation or coercion", - the Chinese Foreign Minister said.