Posted 7 марта 07:33

Published 7 марта 07:33

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The data of users of the legal aid platform "Sberbank" leaked to the Network

7 марта 2023, 07:33
This is reported by DLBI analysts.

In total, three files with the data of users of the platform were posted on the Internet. They contain information about users' surnames, dates of birth, as well as their phone numbers and email addresses. It is noted that 115 thousand phone numbers of users appeared on the network, as well as 72 thousand email addresses.

Judging by the date of account creation on this portal, the data was leaked to the network no earlier than February 8 of this year. The latest registration was just on this date, according to the Telegram channel "Information Leaks".

The "Savings Bank" has not yet commented on the leak. Earlier, the data of users of the Sberbank Statistics service appeared on the network. Then the company commented that this information is a "compilation of various databases." These databases were obtained after hacking contractors of subsidiaries of Sbera.