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Published 8 марта 2023,, 08:41

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Question of the day: What are we celebrating on March 8th?

Question of the day: What are we celebrating on March 8th?

8 марта 2023, 08:41
Fierce disputes have been going on around the March 8 holiday for many years. Feminists completely deny the "conviviality" of this day, while traditionalists, on the contrary, rush with flowers at the ready to congratulate representatives of the supposedly "weak" sex with the fact that he is "weak".

Ivan Zubov

British resident, publicist Natasha Nesbitt wittily and clearly explained why she would not accept any postcards or flowers:


"As the 8th of March approaches, we are anticipating those who want to come here with virtual flowers and disgusting postcards "congratulations to dear women".

No need. That's not necessary at all.

March 8th is the Day of Women's Solidarity and Struggle for Rights. Don't believe the manipulators – we have something to fight for. We haven't even started yet.


My body is my business

Always, everywhere, without exception.

This also applies to how your body looks, and how and for what you use it.

If you have your own aesthetic ideas – fine, your business, stay as it is or change based on what you like.

But the only situation in which anyone has the right to comment on how you look and give you advice and recommendations is if you explicitly, obviously and verbally asked this person to do it. Otherwise, it is a violation of your borders.

 You are a person, not a decoration. Decorate your life, and let outsiders do the same for themselves.

The number of your partners and the form in which you like to have sex is your business. What is certain is that you can never, in any situation, be forced to have sex or what you see as sexual activity. If you don't like someone's hand on your knee, or a look, or a comment, then you are the only judge of whether this behavior is undesirable. The second party does not and cannot have an opinion, there is only a need to stop undesirable behavior immediately.

You don't have any "biological function"

Having a uterus at childbearing age allows you – and only you – to decide when, how many and from whom to have children.

But this is your decision and your family planning. If something went wrong, you have the right to an abortion – absolute and unconditional up to 12 weeks and for medical reasons later.

You don't have to give birth. You may want–or not want – to give birth. Most of those who decide to give birth will then love their cubs, this is really hormonally predetermined. But this is not a duty, not a duty, and not a function, but your decision, and no one – that's no one at all – has the right to tell you to give birth or get rid of the embryo.

Men, if you are afraid that you do not have the right to vote – and you do not have it until a detached woman asked you for advice and then you have it only within the limits of this advice – a condom helps from your fears.

You are responsible for your sperm cells. If you don't want children, keep them with you or at least control where they got to. You can't control what's in your pants – your problems, you'll keep offspring. Ah, I was drunk, ah, she promised… Well, well. Condom. Until you discussed with the woman, and decided that you both want children and came up with names for them – a condom. Or you are responsible for the consequences without the ability to influence them. Get used to it.

There is no "women's work"

In terms of entertainment, there is the work that you want and can do, and that attracts you – yes, let it attract you with anything, even with its social significance, even with money.


You don't have to love children or want to take care of someone. If you like to launch rockets or shamelessly fight for power, then fine, do it (the need to have abilities is obvious, but this is a given for any occupation).

Equal work implies equal pay. If you come to the office and spit at the ceiling for 8 hours like your male colleagues do, then you should be paid exactly the same as them.

You don't have to be better. You don't have to prove anything. If you do the same thing as men, then your reward should be the same.

The woman has no anatomical part that explains her ability to wash the floor. That's none at all. The presence of a uterus and a vacuum cleaner are also not related to each other in any way.

Housework is work. A woman is not obliged to fulfill it, because "she is a woman". A woman can agree to do it (as well as any other – to head the government, dig a ditch, launch a spaceship) – if she wants it.

Any work should be rewarded financially. Otherwise, it is not work, but slavery.

As a result, if one family member wants to come to a clean house for a ready dinner and children with wiped noses, but does not want to take on exactly half of the responsibilities that make this possible, then this family member pays for the services of a housekeeper, cook, nanny and housekeeper. Here it pays in a simple monetary form, together with the inevitable deductions to the pension and insurance fund.

Of course, in real life there is always a place for agreements between the parties. What yours look like is your business. What, however, cannot be, is a situation in which a man allegedly earns money, and a woman allegedly sits at home and only spends.

Housework is a job, not a woman's duty or function. A woman does not have a special hand for a ladle.

(Unavoidable practical advice. Women, any hired job/your business and paying a third party for household chores is better for you than "mother and wife")

Real equality is still an unattainable goal

No, it's not feminists who are going crazy.

No, neither the hypocritically simpering "we must strive for balance, do not rock the boat" (aha, the poor rat is sick), nor pseudo-scientific arguments about the biological role and importance of survival as a species (aha, academics, sew a uterus to yourself and survive), nor the less nasty "girls, we love you so much, and us it's so nice to see you" (yeah, I can't put it on your dick) should not fool us.

All this is nothing more than the voice of the patriarchy, that part of it that is not that smarter, but more cunning, and has gone from strength to manipulation. Manipulations, of course, are innumerable, they are just the most obvious.

Women are more than half of humanity. We work no less than men. We are no worse educated and, without a doubt, no stupider. There are almost no jobs left in the world for which it is important how many female or male sex hormones your body produces.

But power and money are distributed far from 50-50, but about 90 to 10 in favor of men, and even in the most advanced places, women have no more than a quarter.

That's when it will be 50 on 50 +/- 2 STD, then let's talk about the kinks on the ground.

In the meantime, the bread has been plugged and the cracks have dissolved into one or two.

There is no real woman

A real woman is you, me, them, us.

Young, old, fat, thin, childless, surrounded by numerous offspring, on the carpet, in kirza boots, with a hoe or a medium-range missile, similar to the cover of a glossy magazine or not. That's what it is – this is the real one.

We gave the carnations to ourselves and did what we wanted..."