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Published 8 марта 2023,, 11:40

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Roskachestvo explained what will happen to Apple after the warranty service is stopped

Roskachestvo explained what will happen to Apple after the warranty service is stopped

8 марта 2023, 11:40
Apple Authorized Service Center ( announced the termination of warranty service for Mac and iPad in Russia. Roskachestvo experts told what will happen to Apple equipment in the Russian Federation after the termination of warranty service.

"The decision was made in connection with restrictions on supplies to Russia and in anticipation of the situation that soon "there will be nothing to serve." The iPhone and Apple Watch have not been mentioned yet", - Roskachestvo noted, recalling that a year ago, as part of the sanctions, the American company stopped selling its products through online stores of the Russian Federation, and also disabled the Apple Pay payment system.

Sergey Bodrov, Head of the Roskachestvo Digital Expertise Center, commented on the situation. He noted that Apple products in May were included in the list of parallel imports prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In this regard, the expert assumes that the supply of equipment parts to Russia will continue. At the same time, a new ban has come into force, which prohibits intermediaries from importing electronics whose price exceeds $ 300. Because of this, some suppliers have already announced their refusal to supply Apple products.

"Additionally, this situation is likely to affect the secondary market. Because now the purchase of used equipment and its further analysis for donation will begin. Also, Chinese manufacturers will react to this situation, which will begin to offer an analogue", - Bodrov believes.

The expert believes that users should already ask themselves the question of profitability and convenience of further use of the manufacturer's devices.

At the moment, the Apple page in the Russian Federation still says that the service is free of charge, and you can contact the service center within a year after buying the equipment, regardless of the place of purchase. At the same time, the lack of parts in authorized service centers may cause gadgets to be sent abroad for subsequent repair. This will lead to additional difficulties and costs that can be shifted to users.

Igor Pozdnyakov, Deputy head of the Roskachestvo Department for Consumer Protection, notes that in accordance with the law "On Consumer Protection", the owner of the equipment has the right to repair in any authorized organization.

"If authorized service centers refuse to accept equipment for repair, it is necessary to seek registration of the claim on the spot or send a request for the performance of the warranty repair obligation by registered mail with a delivery notification. If the services still refuse to carry out repairs, you need to go to court with a statement of claim and resolve the issue in court", - Pozdnyakov said.

The expert added that the buyer also has the right to contact the seller directly in case of defects in the product. The outlet, according to paragraph 5 of Article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Consumer Protection", is obliged to accept such goods. In this case, the seller may refer to the absence of a conclusion from the service center about the impossibility of repairing complex electronics and refuse to accept the defective product.

"Therefore, in such situations, we recommend consumers to stand their ground and be sure to record all their requests to a service center or a retail outlet", - the expert stressed.