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Published 8 марта 2023,, 16:20

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The German prosecutor's office has revealed the first details of the investigation into the explosion of the Nordstream

The German prosecutor's office has revealed the first details of the investigation into the explosion of the Nordstream

8 марта 2023, 16:20
German media published the first details of the investigation of the German Prosecutor's Office on the undermining of the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines. The investigators came to the attention of a rented German yacht, and 5 men and one woman who went out to sea on it. It was possible to trace her route and establish traces of explosives.

Yelena Petrova

German media have united to investigate the explosions that occurred on September 26 last year on the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea near the Danish island of Bornholm.

For a long time, no information about the progress of the investigation reached the public. Yesterday, the first details of the operation carried out last fall became known.

According to investigators, a terrorist group consisting of a captain, two scuba divers, two of their assistants and a doctor went to sea on a ship with explosives on board. Nothing is yet known about the nationality of the saboteurs, but the investigation found that they entered Germany using professionally made fake passports. The yacht was rented from a German charter company by a Polish company owned by two Ukrainians. The investigation claims that the employees of the German charter company have nothing to do with the terrorist attack.

According to the German Prosecutor General's Office, traces of the crime lead to Ukraine, but law enforcement authorities have not yet established who ordered the terrorist attack.

It is known that on September 6, 2022, a yacht with 6 passengers on board left Rostock for the sea. The diving equipment was delivered to the port the day before by a truck of a transport company. The next day, the ship was seen in the port of VIK, and the next day – on the Danish island of Christiansen near Bornholm.

In January 2023, investigators searched the yacht and found traces of explosives on the table in the cabin.

A few days after the explosions, an unnamed Western intelligence service shared information with its European partners that a Ukrainian sabotage group had carried out the attack. The data received from friendly intelligence services indicated that a pro-Ukrainian group was responsible for the crime.

The special services of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and the USA are taking part in the investigation of the explosions in the Baltic Sea.

Even if the tracks lead to Ukraine, the investigators do not rule out an "operation under a false flag." This means that the traces could have been left intentionally to blame Ukraine. But now the prosecutor's office has no evidence of such a version.

The Ukrainian authorities deny their involvement in the bombings. The country's Defense Minister Reznikov said that this is not the field of activity of the Ukrainian special services. When asked if it suddenly turns out that the Ukrainian authorities are still involved in the act of sabotage on the Northern Streams, whether this will have a negative impact on the support of his country by the West, Reznikov replied that he was not worried about this.

The American NYT, citing unnamed sources in the special services, reported that there is new information about the involvement of pro-Ukrainian subversive groups in the crime. However, the Americans found no evidence that President Zelensky or his immediate entourage knew about the operation.

So far, no publication has received an answer to the question of who ordered and financed the operation.

According to the NYT, US intelligence agencies have not found any traces leading to Russia. In addition, Moscow had no interest in killing a chicken laying golden eggs, and the upcoming repairs are estimated at half a billion dollars.

The Americans already have information that there were Russians and Ukrainians among the saboteurs. There were no US or UK citizens among them.