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Published 9 марта 04:38

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A resident of Nizhnevartovsk opened fire on passers-by from the balcony

9 марта 2023, 04:38
Emergency services arrived at the scene.

According to eyewitnesses, the attacker shoots from the balcony of the ninth floor: aiming at passers-by. Two neighbor's houses had to be evacuated, writes REN TV. As the tg-channel Baza clarifies, the shooter turned out to be 44-year-old Vladimir Shirokov. There is a three-year-old child with him in the apartment. 

Mash writes that the incident happened on Severnaya Street. The shooter has two guns with him - double-barreled and single-barreled. In addition, he claims that he allegedly mined the entrance and keeps the detonator ready. He broke the locks in the apartment and threatens to shoot anyone who comes inside. The shooter makes demands - to hang several local officials on the city square, who "killed his beloved girl", and one "altered his identity with bioexperiments".

The local edition of Muksun Fm informs that a citizen contacted their journalists, said that he barricaded the apartment, drank pills and "will do what he has to do".