Posted 9 марта 2023,, 15:52

Published 9 марта 2023,, 15:52

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Updated 9 марта 2023,, 15:54

Doctors in Madrid came out to protest, demanding better working conditions

9 марта 2023, 15:52
Spanish doctors want a 35-hour work week.

According to RIA Novosti, representatives of the Medical Workers' Union (SATSE) also came to the rally. The demonstrators are trying to prevent the "flight of professionals" from the industry. Activists against the health policy of the head of the regional government of Madrid Isabel Ayuso from the center-right People's Party. Negotiations between representatives of the medical sector with the regional government, which has already presented a number of improvements, are not progressing, because they cannot come to a common decision on financing the sector. Thus, in a number of polyclinics of the autonomous community of Madrid, there is only one pediatrician per four thousand children.