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Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan: whose pensioners are happier?

9 марта 2023, 07:32
A comparison of the pension systems of the three post-Soviet countries shows that Uzbekistan is the first to go on a well-deserved vacation, but in Russia the average pension is higher than that of its eastern neighbors, and in Kazakhstan working pensioners live the best.

Every country that was previously part of the Soviet Union, in the years since its collapse, has built and continues to improve its pension system based on its economic, political and social capabilities. Novye Izvestia decided to compare three of these systems, namely, Russian, Kazakh and Uzbek, in order to understand in which of the countries pensioners live better today.

The volume of work experience for the appointment of a pension

In Russia, the minimum length of service for the appointment of a pension from January 1, 2024 must be at least 15 years. If such an experience has not been accumulated, then a citizen can only count on a social pension, the amount of which does not exceed 7000 rubles.

In Kazakhstan, such a bar is higher, women need to have 20 years of work experience, men 25 years. If such an experience has not been accumulated and is less than 10 years, then the pension in terms of Russian rubles will be about 3750 rubles, then an increase of 2% is due for each working year.

In Uzbekistan, women retire at 55, men at 60. The accumulated experience must be at least 20 years (women) and 25 years (men). If there is no seniority, then they retire 5 years later, as in Russia.

The amount of deductions for a future pension

In Russia, an employer transfers 22% of a citizen's total earnings to a future pension, 16% of which go to the formation of a pension base.

In Kazakhstan, insurance deductions amount to 10% of the earnings of a future pensioner and also 5% if a citizen works in harmful production.

Just as in Russia, in Kazakhstan, a citizen can make voluntary contributions to his future pension.

In Uzbekistan, as in Russia, the amount of pension payment is calculated based on the accumulated length of service and salary.

An approximate calculation will look like this:

- the future pensioner himself will choose the 6 most profitable months for calculating the pension amount (the limit for choosing 10 years);

- the pension payment is 55% of the average earnings of a future pensioner;

- if a citizen has worked beyond the retirement age, then 1% is added to his pension payment for each year.

Retirement age

In Russia, after the pension reform, the retirement age is 65 for men and 60 for women. A transitional period is currently in effect.

In Kazakhstan, since 2001, the retirement age has been raised to 63 years for men and 58 years for women. Currently, the retirement age for women is gradually rising and should eventually equalize with the age of men, that is, up to 63 years.

In Uzbekistan, the retirement age is equated with Soviet norms. Women retire at 55, men at 60. The accumulated experience must be at least 20 years (women) and 25 years (men). If there is no seniority, then they retire 5 years later, as in the Russian Federation.

Average pension size

In Russia - 22 thousand rubles.

In Kazakhstan -15 thousand rubles.

In Uzbekistan – 8.5 thousand rubles. However, the average salary in this country does not exceed 6.5 thousand rubles.

How do working pensioners live

In Russia, pensioners who have decided to opt for an official job are not provided with an indexed pension payment.

In Kazakhstan, working pensioners are no different from non-working ones, and enjoy the same social benefits, receiving a pension in full.

In Uzbekistan, the situation from 1995 to 2019, working pensioners received only 50% of the amount of the payment assigned to them, but currently pensioners who continue to work receive a pension in full.