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The US Treasury Department reported on the freezing of Russian assets for $ 58 million

9 марта 2023, 15:20
The United States and its allies have frozen the assets of the sanctioned Russians for $ 58 billion. This is stated in a statement on the website of the American Ministry of Finance.

The department noted that a year after the start of the special operation on Ukraine, the United States and its allies managed to "track Russian assets around the world and severely restrict the access of Russians who have fallen under sanctions to the international financial system." Such results were achieved thanks to "extensive international coordination and information exchange".

The established working group will ensure that the confiscated assets are transferred to Ukraine. The previously confiscated assets of the sanctioned Russian in the amount of $ 5.4 million were sent as foreign aid to Ukraine, the report says.

The ministry added that the confiscated or frozen luxury real estate, yachts and planes of Russians who have fallen under sanctions are estimated at billions of dollars. The US Treasury Department assured that they would continue to conduct joint investigations and use the help of residents of the country to block Russian assets in order to "deprive the Kremlin of access to financial flows" that are used to conduct a special operation.

Earlier, the US Treasury Department reported on the increase in the number of denunciations from informants on the subject of what schemes banks come up with to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions. The ministry noted that in just the first three weeks of this year they received over a hundred such denunciations. This is the same amount as the department has received messages over the past two years. The number of denunciations increased after the US authorities promised to pay remuneration to those who will help uncover such schemes. Informants are promised up to 30% of the collected money based on the detected violation. The minimum reward will be 10%.