Posted 10 марта 2023,, 13:26

Published 10 марта 2023,, 13:26

Modified 10 марта 2023,, 13:59

Updated 10 марта 2023,, 13:59

A shopping center is on fire in the south-east of Moscow

10 марта 2023, 13:26
The fire broke out on the first floor of a three-storey building of a shopping center located on Zelenodolskaya Street.

The causes of the fire are not yet known.

A representative of the emergency services told RIA Novosti that employees and visitors of the shopping center have already left it. The area of the fire is being specified.

"NTV" notes that the fire area was 15 square meters. None of the people were injured. Rescuers who arrived at the scene promptly extinguished the fire.