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Published 10 марта 2023,, 11:32

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Moscow-ghetto: soon only studios will be built in the capital of Russia

Moscow-ghetto: soon only studios will be built in the capital of Russia

10 марта 2023, 11:32
Inadequate housing prices and the complication of the demographic situation leads to the fact that more and more "cities within a city" will appear in the capital of Russia, little adapted for normal life.

Real estate experts are discussing an unpleasant trend in the Moscow market — a sharp decline in the area of apartments, which has fallen by about 15% since 2016 - from 59.4 square meters to 50.3, and in just a year from 2021 to 2022 it collapsed by 5 square meters at once, while the share of studios in some residential complexes exceeded 50%.

The main reason is called "crazy" prices, at which you can only buy a 20-meter studio. Since 2020, new buildings have risen in price by about 50%. Only in the so-called "premium" segment, the number of studios is much smaller, and their area is larger there - from 28-30 meters.

In addition, there is another reason, socio-demographic: there are fewer and fewer marriages, while there are more and more divorces, so that a family consisting of one person will soon be considered the norm.

Experts note that today more than 20% of buyers are unmarried women who take smaller apartments, so that modern residential complexes already look more like dormitories. And this is for a long time... – considers the channel "Movement about real estate".

Moreover, as the experts of the Economism channel write, industrial zones are now mainly allocated for construction, but almost certainly no one is globally puzzled by land reclamation now, because it is both troublesome and unprofitable. At the same time, industrial zones will be built up for 5-6 years, and given their location, thousands of micro-apartments will appear there.

"We can say that developers are adjusting to the market - today, even with a mortgage for two, it can easily not be enough, even at a preferential rate, not to mention the secondary. But this "adjustment" was created by the developers themselves - the thesis about the price increase will not go anywhere. Until they start to decrease", - experts write.

And they list many other problems, among which, of course, traffic jams, since no one is engaged in the development of the road network either, as well as a shortage of places in kindergartens and schools.

And therefore, the capital is doomed to the emergence of many "cities" of economy class, or rather, ghettos, only multiplying social problems:

"Not quite mentally healthy people will be resettled in the rooms, they will be removed all in a row, because the topic with the increase in real estate tax remains relevant, living with children in such conditions will also be, so to speak, difficult.

The worst thing is that obvious decisions to control this problem are not being taken and will not be taken under the current leadership of the city and the Ministry of Construction. Standards for the number of studios in the entrances, standards for social infrastructure, for which they will be a nightmare, and not reprimands, strict conditions for building blocks of industrial zones with subsequent inspections and forcing the demolition of excess - these are solutions that are more or less logical and really lie on the surface. Especially considering that renovation is in full swing, which also adds to the headache - twos and threes in new houses are for sale for a couple of years.

In short, when Sobyanin retires, there will be several "13 districts" in Moscow. And then understand what to do with them..."