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Russian nuclear submarines off the coast of the United States have caused concern in the Pentagon

10 марта 2023, 08:48
American intelligence services have recorded unprecedented activity of the Russian submarine fleet off the coast of the United States. There are fears that the submarines on board carry nuclear weapons.

The head of the American Russian Institute of Marine Research (RMSI), Michael Petersen, said in an interview with Newsweek magazine that the level of the Russian submarine fleet is currently "extremely high", therefore, in his opinion, the Russian Severodvinsk-class submarines can be considered a "critical challenge for the United States".

The US military and their NATO partners have recently recorded a significant increase in the activity of the Russian submarine fleet. Russian Navy ships are increasingly entering the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the waters nearby to the United States. This causes serious concern to the leadership of the Pentagon.

According to RMSI experts, Moscow has been constantly working to improve its submarine fleet since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. In particular, over the past few years, the Russian military-industrial complex has produced a series of submarines capable of achieving the most important goals in the United States and continental Europe.

The Russian Navy, Michael Petersen notes, has "a high level of readiness for action, including strikes on critical enemy targets. With the development of high-precision weapons, the Navy faces a qualitatively new task: the destruction of the enemy's military and economic potential by striking its vital objects from the sea".

According to the Institute of Marine Research, the Severodvinsk-class nuclear submarines spotted off the coast of the United States are a relatively new class of Russian submarines, which is considered "one of the most advanced and quietest in the world". Because they are quiet, they are extremely secretive and difficult to detect. So far, the Russian Navy has three such machines at its disposal, but soon the fleet will be replenished with new nuclear submarines of the Severodvinsk class.