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The Georgian Parliament refused to adopt laws on foreign agents after mass protests

10 марта 2023, 09:01
The Parliament of Georgia refused to adopt two bills on foreign agents, the introduction of which caused violent protests by residents of the country.

We are talking about draft laws entitled "On registration of foreign agents" and "On transparency of foreign influence".

As Kommersant notes, the first bill, which caused mass discontent and street demonstrations of citizens, was withdrawn from parliament, and the majority of deputies (35 against one) voted against the second one during the second reading.

Residents felt that Georgian politicians submitted the document not independently, but "under the influence of the Kremlin."

The indignation of citizens about the bill on "transparency of foreign influence", adopted by lawmakers in the first reading on March 7, was so great that residents took to the streets and staged mass riots, which did not stop for three days, despite the actions of the police.

Demonstrators threw bottles and firecrackers at the parliament building, the police used water cannons and tear gas to protect the sitting, and also resorted to mass detentions. A total of 133 demonstrators were taken to police stations.