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Published 13 марта 2023,, 13:28

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A piece of cotton wool forgotten in the ear brought a resident of Buryatia to a coma

A piece of cotton wool forgotten in the ear brought a resident of Buryatia to a coma

13 марта 2023, 13:28
Doctors in Buryatia miraculously saved a local resident who fell ill with meningitis and fell into a coma because of a piece of cotton forgotten in her ear.

According to RIA Novosti with reference to the data of the Republican Ministry of Health, the reason for the serious illness of the 69-year-old pensioner was her habit of self-medication.

The patient plugged her ear with a piece of cotton wool and forgot about it. Meanwhile, cotton wool began to rot and caused inflammation of the ear and meningitis that developed against this background. The pensioner thought that she had otitis media, and began to drip boric alcohol into her sore ear without a doctor's examination, but this only worsened the situation: because of alcohol, the vessels expanded, and the infection penetrated into the brain.

The patient turned to the doctors only in mid-December 2022, when, in addition to pain, dizziness, vomiting appeared, and pus began to flow from her ear.

"Computed tomography showed the presence of a large amount of pus in the structures of the middle ear. Doctors have established the cause of the disease — a piece of cotton wool in the ear canal", - the report says.

After hospitalization, the patient fell into a coma. In order to save the patient and eliminate the consequences of self-medication, doctors had to perform two complex operations.

When the patient woke up on January 9, it turned out that meningitis had caused paresis of her limbs. In addition, the pensioner lost the ability to speak.

Only after the intensive help of neurologists, the pensioner's condition was improved to satisfactory. Now she has already been discharged home.