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Published 13 марта 2023,, 04:24

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Everything Everywhere All at Once won an Oscar in the category "Best Film of the Year"

Everything Everywhere All at Once won an Oscar in the category "Best Film of the Year"

13 марта 2023, 04:24
On March 12, the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony was held in Los Angeles.

Ten films competed for the main award of the most prestigious film award. In addition to the work of the directing duo Daniel Scheinert - Dan Kwan, "Avatar: The Way of Water" by James Cameron, "Fabelmans" competed for the statuette Steven Spielberg, "Banshee Inisherin" Martin McDonagh, "Elvis" by Baz Luhrmann, "On the Western Front without Change" by Edward Berger, "Tar" by Todd Field, "Triangle of Sadness" by Ruben Estlund, "Women Speak" by Sarah Polley and "Top Gun: Maverick" by Joseph Kosinski.

It should be noted that "Everything Everywhere All at Once" was presented in 11 categories. In addition to the main Academy Award, the film received an Oscar for directing, screenplay, editing, the main female role and supporting roles. This is an American fantasy comedy thriller. In the plot of the picture, the mother of the family (Michelle Yeo, received a statuette as the best actress) is an emigrant of Chinese origin. She has the task of saving the multiverse. The work was the opening film of the South by Southwest Festival on March 11 last year.

One of the rivals of "Everything Everywhere All at Once" - "Avatar: The Way of Water" received an Oscar for "Best Visual Special Effects", filmed using performance capture technology, when actors on the screen transform into fabulous creatures. In this category, the competition for the next "Avatar" was "On the Western front without change", "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever", "Batman" and "Top Gun: Maverick". It should be noted that the budget of "Avatar" is more than $ 250 million, and the box office has already exceeded $ 2 billion.

"On the Western Front without change" became the winner of the category "Best Foreign film". This picture is an adaptation of the work of Erich Maria Remarque.

The film "Navalny*" won the Oscar as the best documentary. The film bypassed "Everything that Breathes" (directed by Shonak Sen), "All beauty and bloodshed" (Laura Poitras), "Fire of Love" (Sara Dosa) and "House of Fragments" (Simon Lereng Wilmont). The biography film was shot by HBO Max and CNN Films, it tells about the oppositionist Alexey Navalny*, who is currently in prison.

The picture of Yakut documentaries "Exit" by Maxim and Evgenia Arbugaev also fought for the Oscar. It was presented in the category "Best Short Documentary". However, the Indian-American film "Elephant Charmers" managed to get around it. The "Exit" tells the story of marine biologist Maxim Chakilev, who observes the life of walruses on Cape Heart-Stone in the Chukchi Sea.


*Alexey Navalny is included in the list of extremists and terrorists