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Published 13 марта 14:43

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Owners of foreign accounts and summer houses will be deprived of access to state secrets in Russia

13 марта 2023, 14:43
A bill has been submitted to the State Duma suggesting the introduction of a ban on admission to state secrets for owners of foreign real estate.

According to RBC with reference to the data of the initiator of the bill, Chairman of the Duma Committee on Security and anti—corruption Vasily Piskarev, the purpose of the amendments is to eliminate "gaps" in existing laws.

Among the main innovations is a ban on admission to state secrets for citizens who have real estate, accounts and deposits abroad. It is noteworthy that the ban applies not only to applicants for admission themselves, but also to their close relatives.

The amendments also introduce a ban on leaving the Russian Federation for citizens admitted to particularly important and highly classified data. An exception is proposed to be established for events of a "humanitarian nature": if treatment is needed abroad or in the event of the death of relatives abroad.

Adjustments are planned to be made in two documents at once: in the laws "On state secrets" and "On the procedure for departure from Of the Russian Federation and entry into The Russian Federation".

The publication notes that now the registration of admission to the state secret is voluntary. However, it is now proposed to identify cases when such an order is excluded for those called up for military service or military training.

Those who have access to state secrets can be assigned salary allowances, but at the same time their right to privacy in the event of inspections against them may be limited.

It should be noted that for some positions of the state civil service, admission to state secrets is a necessity. If an official is deprived of the right to get acquainted with secret information for some reason (for example, when obtaining a criminal record or when foreign citizenship or assets are found in his possession), this may serve as a reason for his dismissal from work.