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Published 14 марта 2023,, 16:36

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A finishing off match game. Russian football will continue to degrade

A finishing off match game. Russian football will continue to degrade

14 марта 2023, 16:36
Participation in the Central Asian Championship and the refusal of officials to cancel the "Fan Passports" will negatively affect the level of domestic football.

As reported on Monday, March 13, Russian media and social networks, in June 2023, the Russian national football team will take part in the Central Asian Football Association Championship. The teams of Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, which are far from being at the forefront even in Asian football, will also play in this tournament.

Eight national teams (another one, apparently, will be invited additionally, since there are only seven countries in the region, if we count together with the Russian Federation) will be divided into two groups of four teams each, each of which will hold at least three matches. The winners of the two groups will play in the final, and the teams that became second in their quartets will compete for third place. The tournament will be held in the capitals of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan - Bishkek and Tashkent from June 9 to 21.

But only five years ago we played with Spain…

This news caused a mixed reaction of experts.

So the head of the football department of the popular publication "Sport-Express" Konstantin Alekseyev expressed extremely optimistic about this:

"Let me remind you that UEFA and FIFA have sent Russia to an indefinite ban — we can return to official competitions in a week or, conditionally, in ten years. (...) Participation in the official international launch under the auspices of the Asian Football Confederation, for which FIFA rating points are also awarded, is a breakthrough on the way back to big football.

I am sure that from a football point of view, the participation of the Russian national team in the June tournament will be useful. No need to deceive yourself — they say, this is a stunning championship, this is what we have dreamed of all our lives. But it's much better than nothing. Under current conditions — the maximum that can squeeze the RFU. I am sure that this summer start is given to functionaries with sweat and blood. International pressure has not been canceled yet.

It is important for the national team to remain a combat-ready team that will not have to be built from scratch sometime. It is useful for football players not only to stew in the juice of domestic competitions, but also to perform on the international stage, even if it is not the level of Spain with Germany. And the status of the tournament, where there is a final match and a trophy at stake, will definitely raise motivation..."

But the journalist Kirill Shulika, on the contrary, reacted to this news very pessimistically:

"Symbolically, the news about the Russian football team comes from Tajikistan. Previously, they came from Switzerland, where FIFA and UEFA are sitting.

Here, by the way, is a good test on the topic of how to play in Asia. The fact is that Russia will not play with Japan and Australia if it moves to Asia. She has to play with Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

What ratings will be collected by the broadcast of the games of the Russian national team with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Something tells me that the Media League is watched more. This is the answer to all questions. Taking into account the FAN ID and this hat, measures are being taken in Russia to make football uninteresting and boring. We didn't live well, there's nothing to start.

And it's great - let them see the conditions for the existence of football in the region and the audience's interest in it. Otherwise, apparently, the dope with the transition to Asia will not be knocked out.

In general, an amazing thing! The less football there is in Russia, the greater its degradation, the more we have to write about it. Why? Because they start reading about football, not watching. The trouble is when it's more interesting to read..."

Political scientist Vladimir Gelman also could not contain his despondency:

"Today it was reported that the Russian national football team will take part in the Central Asian Championship this summer - along with the national teams of Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Just five years ago, the Russian national team played at the World Cup with the teams of Spain and Croatia. Degradation occurs casually and even almost imperceptibly: "he immediately goes // into the back of an old car // where the old names are pre-infarct // where the seats are one price - all reserved seats" (V.Vysotsky).

And yes, it's not just about football..."

Let it be worse for everyone!

Another news announced on the morning of March 14 did not add joy either.

Despite the expectations, sports officials did not find the courage to give in to the fans: the cancellation of Fan ID in Russian football is not planned, the Ministry of Sports of Russia said. The reaction to this news was almost unanimous.

Political scientist Konstantin Kalachyov called domestic football a reservation:

"Football is like a reservation. Fans are like Indians. A random person will not get into the stadium anymore. The circle of football fans will narrow..."

Network analyst Anatoly Nesmian rightly pointed out the inability of the Russian authorities to negotiate with anyone:

"A characteristic feature of Russian governance. Even if the decision has frankly failed, it will not be changed, so as not to demonstrate a willingness to compromise with reality. If reality does not match the solution, let it be worse than reality..."

Analysts of the channel "Towards the transfer" of the same opinion:

"That's what needed to be proved. The artificially inflated hype was most likely lobbied by sports clubs that are suffering losses due to a boycott by fans. And as we have already said, the clubs could not agree with them for some reason".