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Dmitry Peskov told how not to return to the Middle Ages in the field of science

14 марта 2023, 08:12
Representatives of the Kremlin believe that the country needs the sovereignty of science.

In order not to return "to the Middle Ages", it is necessary "to develop cooperation in new directions", - Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of Russia, is sure.

"In the conditions of the present time and our confrontational environment, in many ways the role of science is only growing. We are all talking now about the sovereignization of our economy, and here, of course, it is impossible to do without science. The sovereignty of our science is also important", - RIA Novosti quoted Peskov as saying at the first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the IX All-Russian Award "For Loyalty to Science".

Today, the Russian Federation has lost many areas of international scientific cooperation, but this does not mean that it is necessary to strive for scientific autarky.

"Scientific autarky will lead us to backwardness in the Middle Ages. And the world is not limited only to those directions that we have lost. It is much more diverse", - the Kremlin representative added.

Peskov proposed to establish an award related to international cooperation from 2024. He also added that "science should make money".