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Give them not bread, but freedom! How to relieve the world of "migrant crises"

14 марта 2023, 16:35
Марина Шаповалова
The movement of people around the planet in search of better living conditions is the most natural process in History from ancient times to the present day.

Marina Shapovalova, writer, publicist

In 1880, the population of the United States (according to the census conducted at that time)

it was about 50 million people. Over the next three decades, 17.5 million legally immigrated to the country. To the initial composition – plus 35%. Did someone call it a migrant crisis then?

Let me remind you that just in those years the influx of migrants was already limited: the States banned the entry of immigrants from some Asian countries, criminals, prostitutes, infectious patients and persons who could not prove the ability to feed themselves. From which it follows that, taking into account illegal immigrants who still entered the country, whose children born in the United States automatically received American citizenship, the migration increase over three decades amounted to almost 40% relative to the initial number. But there was no question of a migrant crisis.

The turn of the 19th and 20th centuries is modernity by historical standards. Has anyone heard about the migration crisis of the Middle Ages? And the great migration of peoples in the 4-7 centuries of our era, when the whole of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa were in motion, created at least someone a migrant crisis?.. How interesting: whole tribes roam back and forth across continents, and there is no crisis. And today tens of thousands of impoverished refugees are trying to enter multimillion prosperous countries, and every day we hear about the terrible "migrant crisis". So what's the problem?

At the same time, the civilized international community declared freedom of choice of place of residence as an inalienable right of every person. But rich states are fighting off migrants like bastions – they are ready to shoot and drown them, relying on their laws as criminals.

Because according to the same state laws, states prohibit migrants from working and undertake to feed them for free. It is clear that no one wants to take on an additional burden, so they try to dump it on someone else, even if it ends in the sea. According to common sense, it would be easier and better for everyone to allow migrants to settle in a new place themselves and work, providing for themselves and their family. Getting involved in economic life, producing additional products and services. But where there is a "welfer" state concerned primarily with the preservation of itself and its ruling elites, there is no place for common sense.

There are no "migrant crises". The movement of people around the planet in search of better living conditions is the most natural process in History from its very origins, from time immemorial in the depths of millennia to the present day. And crises are created by the state from absolutely natural phenomena and processes. When it dictates unnatural prohibitions and creates unnatural restrictions.

Just call everything by its proper names, and not invented political technological formulations – this is the only way to see the true essence of what is happening.