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Initiative of the day: "Communists of Russia" called for the return of Marxism to universities

14 марта 2023, 08:19
The Communist Party "Communists of Russia" (CPCR) has taken the initiative to return the compulsory study of Marxism to the curricula of Russian universities "as a separate discipline".

According to the activists of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, this innovation is supposedly able to help Russia "defeat the West". This is reported on the official website of the party.

"Marx created his teaching and wrote his works, studying European economics and politics, analyzing economic mechanisms in the Western world. In order for Russians to defeat the West today, and this is the number one task, it is necessary to know and understand Marx's teaching very well. Not only to study Capital, but also all the other works of Marx and Engels", - the statement of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation says.

The appearance of the call for the compulsory study of Marxism was timed to coincide with the 140th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx.

According to Sergei Malinkovich, chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia, Marx in his works "proves the predatory and immoral basis of Western civilization".

According to Malinkovich, the party has already sent a letter to the Ministry of Education of Russia, where it asks "that Marxism be returned to all leading universities as a discipline, as in Soviet times".

Malinkovich added that, in his opinion, all Russian workers who are engaged in the economy, foreign economic relations, banking workers, all those who are tied to the fight against Western sanctions, on imports, on the sale of Russian products, "should know Marxism by heart and with its help outplay Western economists, bankers, sanctioners and financial bigwigs".

The head of the party stressed that the Communist Party remains a Marxist and Marxist-Leninist party and continues to actively use Marxism to analyze reality, and also "deeply respects Marx himself as a politician and fighter, advises everyone to study his biography and also take into account how Lenin and Stalin enriched Marxism".

Earlier it was reported that representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation put forward a number of other initiatives — in particular, they proposed to rename the eighth of March, calling the holiday "International Patriot Women's Day". Prior to that, they proposed to introduce a system of passes to the Mausoleum, forbidding entry to convicted citizens and those who had previously been brought to administrative responsibility. According to representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, such a measure is necessary so that no one dares to steal Lenin's body from the Mausoleum.